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Hep Jen swing dance san francisco

Private Dance Lessons with Hep Jen
Hep Jen swing dance dj lindy hop san francisco

Hep Jen teaches private dance lessons in San Francisco.
Hep Jen is available for private lessons for individuals, couples, and small groups.
Dates are flexible, and rates are reasonable. Discount packages are available, too!

People take private dance lessons for many reasons:
--To gain confidence on the dance floor
--To receive personalized feedback on their dancing
--To have more flexibility with dance lesson scheduling
--To overcome shyness on the dance floor
--To learn at a faster pace than group classes
--To learn at a slower pace than group classes
--To learn in a small group or one-on-one format
--To create a wedding dance choreography
--To feel in sync with their regular dance partner
--To learn quickly
--To have more time to drill the basic steps
--To get an occasional "tune-up" on their dance skills
--To practice with a skilled dancer
--To receive supplemental help with what they are working on in group classes
--To learn a dance routine
--To create a new dance routine
--To have a "dance date" with their significant other
--To get enforced practice time
--To return to the dance floor quickly after some time off (due to injury, life changes, etc.)
--To brush up on their dancing for a specific event
--To work on a particular dance topic of interest (footwork, musicality, styling, etc.)

Time slots fill up quickly, so email Hep Jen to schedule a private lesson today!


"Just wanted to let you know that I am so very pleased with our private lessons. My boyfriend noticed a significant improvement in my following his leads when dancing. Plus I also had a blast while learning to dance with you. Once again, thanks a million for all your help."
--Lizette Tenorio

"Jen, thank you. That was the best dance lesson I've ever had. No one has been able to teach me the Charleston kick before. That was fun. I'm also much more aware of what the Lindy Hop involves. Not to mention the new swing moves. You have been blessed with a talent."
--Gary D'Angelo

"I found it so therapeutic, educational, and comforting these last several months learning from you. You have a warm persona and a gentle way of dealing with people. You have a kind smile, an enthusiasm for dance and a non-stressing communicative style. You teach effectively and I have learned so much from you in a short time. In closing - Undoubtedly I would recommend you to ANYONE looking for private lessons."
--Steven Mashin

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