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Hep Jen swing dance san francisco

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Dance Performances For Seniors

Hep Jen started dancing for seniors in 1998, and today, she continues to perform for seniors several times a month. Jen typically will dance for an hour or more, with a dance partner, in a full presentation of social dancing and choreography. Hep Jen's performances are interactive, with intermittent dancing and conversations with the audience. Hep Jen takes music requests, drawing on her extensive collection of classic swing music.

Swing dancing is a visually stimulating performance for seniors. Many assisted living and activity centers have regularly scheduled performances by entertainers. Hep Jen delivers a unique performance that residents look forward to month after month. The music is of an era that the seniors can relate to. Audience members sing along and occasionally get up and dance too!

Hep Jen dances at assisted living facilities, community centers, and hospitals. The energy of these dance performances take the audiences back in time, and provide a connection with their youth and a younger generation. For Alzheimer's and dementia patients, Hep Jen's performances are especially beneficial for stimulating memories of music and dance, and reconnecting with past experiences. Jen uses music and dance to connect with diverse groups of people, from senior African-Americans to recent Russian immigrants to one-time Charleston dancers to disabled Vietnam veterans to Chinese Moon Festival participants to Jitterbug-ers from days gone by. In addition, Hep Jen's performance work employs local dancers, providing them with paid work while encouraging them to share their dance skills and experiences with members of different generations and social groups.

If you know a group of seniors or other people with special needs that could benefit from Hep Jen's performances, please contact Hep Jen.

Hep Jen does dance performances at the following locations:


Adult Day Services
Golden Gate Healthcare
Grove Street Extended Care
Institute on Aging
Irene Swindell Day Center
Jewish Community Center
Jewish Home
Lawton Healthcare
On Lok Senior Health Services
St. Mary's Day Center
San Francisco Towers
Sunnyside Hacienda
Victorian Healthcare


Hep Jen performed regularly from 1998 through 2004 at:

Faerland Terrace
First Hill Care Center
Integrated Health Services
Kline Galland Jewish Home
Merrill Gardens
Queen Anne Healthcare