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Hep Jen swing dance san francisco

Wedding Dance Choreography with Hep Jen
Hep Jen swing dance dj lindy hop san francisco

Hep Jen can help you create a personalized first dance for your wedding.
Whether you are beginning dancers or experienced performers, Hep Jen is an expert at putting together a dance routine that is personalized, special, and fits your unique personalities. Wow your friends and relatives with a great first dance!

The Process
Hep Jen can choreograph to a song of your choosing, or she can suggest songs from her extensive music collection. Typically, the two of you will have several sessions with Hep Jen to create a wedding choreography. The sessions can be done over several weeks or months, and the key to building confidence with wedding choreography is consistent regular practice.

Hep Jen is a professional choreographer, assembling routines for couples, performance groups, and theater shows since 1998. Her work is known for its musicality and natural style. Hep Jen creates new choreography for each new set of dancers she works with.
Hep Jen's Choreography Experience

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"We want to let you know that we received a room full of cheers after performing our swing dance routine in front our closest families and friends. They were very surprised and impressed by our moves. They adorned us with tons of compliments. It was just awesome! Thanks for helping and directing us to choreograph a fabulous first dance. It is something we will cherish forever."
--Tom Soohoo, wedding song: "Beyond The Sea"

"The wedding dance was by far everyone's favorite part of the reception. Thanks again for putting together the dance routine; the song and dance were perfect for our personalities and really added so much more to the whole evening. Many people said it was the best first dance they had ever seen."
--Chad Syme, wedding song: "I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine"

"Thank you so much for your help with music, dancing, and general good cheer. It's been really fun to work with you on this special moment -- three little minutes that mean so much. You are a great teacher!"
--Megan Martinez, wedding song: "Keeping Out Of Mischief Now"

"Hep Jen helped choreograph our wedding dance. We had several private lessons with Hep Jen where we first settled upon the music, and then on the different dance steps we wanted to use. Since we planned on having a live band perform our song, Hep Jen made sure we practiced to different tempos and facing different directions so that we'd be ready on the wedding day. She was great in guiding us through the moves and making sure everything turned out great. I'd highly recommend her to help with your wedding dance; it was a hit of our wedding! She is a great instructor, very patient and helpful in teaching both the male or female lead, and worked around our hectic schedules to fit in the lessons."
--Greg Potter, wedding song: "In The Mood"

"After struggling to come up with a routine for our first wedding dance song, we enlisted in private lessons. Jen was great about incorporating some of our favorite moves and also suggesting things that were a bit more challenging - but definite show stopping moves! What I loved most is that she really took the time to review our form and had the patience as we worked through them. But most of all, it was just fun. My husband and I couldn't stop laughing - and what otherwise could have been a very stressful endeavor (hey, getting most soon-to-be-grooms to dance is like pulling teeth!) turned out to be a real blast. We performed our big routine at our wedding reception - and I have to say, it was probably the biggest hit at our wedding! People couldn't stop talking about it. We're really thankful to Jen for helping us put it all together."
--Mary Kay Ha, wedding song: "Beyond The Sea"

"I've had bad experiences with dance in the past, but I had a great experience with Jen! Jen helped us put together a little number to practice, suggested a good song to go with, and rehearsed with us several times. At the wedding reception, there were a million things going on at once, but one of the things that went super smooth was the first dance. I know a lot of grooms do stress about that, but for me all the coaching paid off and it went great without any worries. Made the first dance all the fun it should be."
--John Alden, wedding song: "I'm Beginning To See The Light"

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